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New website launch!

This new site sets out what we intend to be and what our vision is. We'll be making various updates in coming weeks, particularly by linking to music resource suppliers. I would appreciate your feedback on the website and...

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When Satan rings your number

One of the most distracting things that can happen during a church service, second only to crying babies and sleeping deacons, is when the phone rings. You know the drill. The pastor is drawing the Scriptural points together and the power of the message is hitting home... then Satan personally dials your mobile number and next thing you know cows are mooing or we're all bopping to the Nokia® tune...

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Effective use of projection

Since hymnals have been around for years, there's less need to discuss their use. Projection on the other hand is relatively new and extremely difficult to use well. As seen in my last post, I'm not arguing for or against using projection. I am saying that if you use it, watch out for these pitfalls...

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Printed music or projection?

God has blessed the church today with a wonderful heritage of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs which have been passed down through the centuries. In recent centuries the church has enjoyed the blessing of modern technology in the form of hymnals. More recently, many churches are using modern technology to project music onto a screen or wall. The question is, which should your church use? Printed music or projection? While the church must always...

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Worship… the real thing

On one side you have church becoming one big rock concert—pounding music, dancing, the lot. That's not real worship. On the other side you have a worship service that is dry, boring, and void of excitement. That's not real worship either. If it's not going to be...

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