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Our name has stood for excellent music in Australia for over fifteen years.

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About// Get to know us a little

What we teach

We challenge believers to be discerning in all areas, including music, and not to be satisfied with outward conformity in worship. We believe that worship is a heart response of joy when confronted with the glory of God.

Our purpose

Worship Music, a service organisation to the local church, exists to define biblical principles of music, to demonstrate purposeful ministry of music, and to develop spiritual leaders of music so that believers will be edified and God will be glorified.

What we do

  • Biblical teaching on music and worship
  • Publishing resources
  • Consulting on church music issues
  • Connecting believers to resources




Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.

–Colossians 3:16……………..



Our history

Worship Music was conceived as the travelling book/music table of Larry Harris in the early 1990’s. In November 1996, Worship Music was born—originally called the Shoalhaven Baptist Church Bookstall—and began offering a broad range of sacred music resources across Australia. Originally, the resource ministry was managed by Jason Harris and orders came in primarily by post in response to our regular catalogue mailings. Over time, Worship Music developed a retail website where our team served customers across Australia and around the world for nearly a decade. In 2004, we released our first recording, A Closer Walk.


Another significant aspect of our ministry has been hosting and presenting music seminars across Australia and around the world. In 1998, we hosted our first national music seminar in Sydney. This was followed by Music Seminar 2000 in Sydney/Adelaide and Music Seminar 2005 in Sydney/Melbourne. Jason Harris continues to present seminars challenging believers both to exercise discernment in the area of music and to worship God in spirit and truth.


In 2012, the retail arm of Worship Music was downsized significantly so that we could focus on other aspects of the ministry. Additional to our ongoing work through music seminars, we have a number of projects in the works that we look forward to announcing here as they become reality.


God wants your heart, not just your music. If He has your heart, He’ll have your music. If He doesn’t have your music, He does not have your heart.

–Jason Harris………



Teaching// Our teaching ministry

Introducing Jason Harris

Jason has a burden to preach the word of God and has taught biblical principles of music across Australia and around the world. He has produced a solo album titled A Closer Walk as well as recording for The Wilds, Majesty Music, and SoundForth.


Jason has been involved with Worship Music since 1996 providing practical resources to Australian churches. Jason has a Bachelor of Music (Bob Jones University) and a Graduate of Theology (Sydney Bible Baptist College) as well as postgraduate qualifications in business. Jason lives in Cairns and teaches in the School of Business at James Cook University.




My goal when I travel is to bless and build the people of Jesus Christ.




Musical development sessions

  • Choral workshops
  • Basic Notation
  • Dealing with Nerves
  • Developing a Choir in a Small Church
  • Effective Song Leading
  • How to Read Music
  • How to Write a Song
  • The Transforming Power of Vowels
  • Understanding Copyright Law
  • Music Resources
  • The Ministry of Sound

Biblical teaching sessions

  • Worship
  • The Purpose of Music
  • Choosing Your Music
  • Ad Imaginem Dei: The Chasm Between the Secular and the Sacred
  • Music and Culture
  • Standards and Convictions
  • The Heart of the Music Issue
  • The Ministry of Special Items
  • The Moral Influence of Music
  • The Praise and Worship Music Movement

Further information

For details on hosting Jason to speak on music in your church or organisation, please email him at


For information on Jason’s speaking and seminars on other topics, please click here.


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